October 7, 2016.



  Turnover (In Billion Units) Turnover in (Billion =N=) Total deals
Week  41 934.905M 6.357 B 12,352
Week  40 1.287 B 9.303 B 15,258



  Share Volume (Units) Worth in  (=N=) Deals
Financial Industry 817.195 M 4.081 B 7,268
Conglomerates 46.366 M 86.730M 514
Oil and Gas 21.539 M 465.820M 1,310


The Financial Services Industry led the activity chart during the week (measured by share volume) contributing 87.41% and 64.19%to the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.


Company Open Close Gain  (N) % Change
7-Up Bottling 139.00 158.00 19.00 13.67
FCMB 1.07 1.16 0.09 8.41
Champion Bre 2.51 2.72 0.21 8.37
United Capital 2.34 2.51 0.17 7.26
Fidelity Bank 0.88 0.94 0.06 6.82


Company Open Close Loss  (N) % Change
Lafarge 54.80 47.20 7.60 13.87
Wema 0.72 0.63 0.09 12.50
Caverton 0.76 0.67 0.09 11.84
P Z. 20.70 18.64 2.06 9.95
Guinness 97.99 88.45 9.54 9.74



Federal Government Bonds    

  Turnover (Units) Turnover in ( =N=’000) Total deals
Week  41 3394 3,263 5
Week  40 580 577 2


The current economic meltdown (recession) in the Nigerian economy has necessitated the need for investment diversification and proper portfolio restructuring, hence the Bond option.


BOND is a fixed earned income investment with less volatility. Government and Companies have diversify their sources of raising funds through the issuance of bond

A bondholder is a lender to the bond issuer.

Kind of Instrument Debt Equity
Meaning In finance, a bond is a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt and is obliged to repay the principal and interest In financial markets, stock capital raised by a corporation or joint-stock company through the issuance and distribution of shares
Centralization Bonds markets, unlike stock or share markets, often do not have a centralized exchange or trading system Stock or share markets, have a centralized exchange or trading system
Holders Bond holders are in essence lenders to the issuer The stock holders own a part of the issuing company (have an equity stake)
Yield Analysis Nominal yield, Current yield, Yield to maturity, Yield curve, Bond duration, Bond convexity Gordon model, Dividend yield, Income per share, Book value, Earnings yield, Beta coefficient
Participants Investors, Speculators, Institutional Investors Market maker, Floor trader, Floor broker
Issued By Bonds are issued by public sector authorities, credit institutions, companies and supranational institutions Stock are issued by corporation or joint-stock companies
Owners Bondholders Stockholders/shareholders
Derivatives Bond option, Credit derivative, Credit default swap, Collateralized debt obligation, Collateralized mortgage obligation Credit derivative, Hybrid security, Options, Futures, Forwards, Swaps


* Please note that all companies so mentioned herein are quoted on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and are all Public Limited Companies.


NOTE: This publication is from the research desk of Calyx Securities Limited, based on available information as at date. Users are expected to review and form their own opinion as CSL will not be held liable or responsible for reliance on this publication.

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